Thursday, May 17, 2012

First steps...

He took them. Ten months old.
Ready to take on the world...
he never doubted his abilities,
even when he faltered,
he knew he could do it.
Children are brave like that.
They trust their instincts.
They don't worry about what other people think.
They just get up and try again.
Try, try again.
With a joyful spirit.
The ego hasn't suffocated the heart.
May I always be that courageous.
May I never doubt my abilities.
May I always have faith in myself,
even when I falter.
Especially when I falter.
May every step I take be like my first.
And may my eyes be open to beauty...
to experience life with unabashed awe and wonder.
Thanks for reminding me,
you brave, beautiful soul.
I love you.

p.s. The first video is of James's very first steps. Please no comments on the abomination of a blue-striped shirt I'm always seems to happen that I'm dressed like a dirty bridge troll when the video camera comes out. Oh wait, this isn't (even partially) about me. Bummer. The second video clip was taken a few days later. Already bored with walking, James decided to take a shot at running. He looks like a cowboy who's been on a horse for about 37 years. At some point, Jack insisted on showing James "happiness". I had no idea what he meant, until he scooped him up and attempted to toss him in the air, which resulted in some form of awkward air-humping. With "happiness", I suppose. Enjoy. xo

1 comment:

Jenny V said...

Ohhhh...first steps...go big boy, go! So exciting!

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