Sunday, March 30, 2014

If you could tell a younger version of yourself just one thing...

In my last post, I shared the best pieces of financial advice ever received. What’s that, you say? Money doesn’t grow on trees? No, little grasshopper. Wealth must be earned, not plucked. The same can be said for wisdom. There are times when I wish I would have been a different me…the me who knows more now, not the me blinded by my insecurities, or the blitheness of youth. The me who would have done things differently and made better choices. But hey, it wasn’t really my fault, was it? Parts of the brain don’t fully develop until your early twenties, especially that sneaky little thing called foresight. So I guess it’s sort of expected that we’ll all do stupid crap in our lives, and wish we could go back and do things differently…shake that little 16-year-old self of ours and say, “Hey, little dude. Smarten the fuck up.” But what would be the point? The snot-nosed punk wouldn’t listen to you, anyway. And maybe, just maybe, looking back on parts of our life and wishing we would have done things differently, is a prerequisite to wisdom. And that gift, little grasshopper, can’t be plucked from a shelf either. This one too, must be earned.

Here forthwith are your responses to what you would tell a younger version of yourself.
Relax. In five years, this moment and these people won’t matter. Everything will be alright.

Love yourself first, because you are worth it.

Listen to your parents when they tell you that you should date more people, rather than marrying the first person you date – so I got married because they told me I shouldn’t.

Confidence can be beautiful, and your opinion matters.

Wait. Be patient. Everything will be OK.

Things do have a way of sorting themselves out. Just be patient and trust.


Don’t worry so much about finding the love of your life – it will happen when you least expect it, and with the absolutely most perfect person.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Real friends are worth waiting for.

Don’t buy into the expectations that everyone else has establish for you – create your own.

You are worthy. Pass it on.

Finish your schooling. Your true love will wait if it was meant to be.

Always, always trust your instincts. Your subconscious exists for a reason, one that you may never know, but it will never do you wrong.

Be nicer to your parents – they love you. That jerk guy doesn’t!

Relax and enjoy life more, don’t worry so much about all the little things, and most importantly be confident in yourself and your abilities.

Spend more time with your children doing fun stuff – housework can wait, nor does the house have to be perfect.

Get a math tutor.

Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.

Don’t be so negative and judgmental about other people! Be gracious and forgiving and kind.

Just be you. Don’t listen to the losers and the naysayers – just be you. Follow those things that you love, regardless of who says you will fail. And for the love of God, don’t stop exercising!

Don’t take life so seriously, because it will all work out.

It gets better.

Be true to yourself. Don’t go for second best, be the best.

You DO have talent. Your work is unique because you are the only one who can create it.

Don’t let “x” touch you that way.

Getting your heart broken is the worst thing you will go through, and you will be stronger and smarter because of it.

Don’t rush into marriage.

My parents taught me that you can do it on your own, and that independence is important. I think that I may have taken that advice a bit too literally, and because of that, I feel that I may have missed out on some wonderful relationships. I held a lot in, and still do, because I feel that I don’t need anyone. I’m 38-years old and am now just learning to ask for help. Believing in yourself and asking for something makes you stronger, not weaker. I wish I would have known this at a younger age.

Chill. Cut yourself some slack. Stop over-analyzing. Stop taking things personally and only say things out loud that you would say if that person was in the room. This is great advice that I try to follow. Unless I drink – then all bets are off on what comes out of my mouth.

Work for someone who is wealthy, and get them to teach you how they got there, as long as they were ethical on their way up!
Start saving for a house NOW because when you are ready to buy, the market will be insane and houses will cost MUCH more than they do now.
That I have value, I am perfect and have worth just as I am. That I am loved.
Buy lots of real estate, as much as you can afford. Even in Regina? YES. Especially in Regina. Trust me on this one.
Things worth doing aren’t easy.
Believe in yourself.
To my high school self? You’re not as smart as you think smartass.
Shut your mouth sometimes! You don’t need to be involved in every debate.
Get in touch with your insecurities, do not feel guilty about your youth, you were a good kid, but went awry for a decade or so, keep emotions in check and stay strong, you are a good man…you don’t have to try and impress anyone, you are an impressive, strong individual.
Don’t start smoking.
I’d tell my younger self to take better notes, maybe type them this time?
Stop dating losers who break your heart, hold out for a tall, handsome fella with a mullet and a Camaro – he’s the one. Listen to your Mom and Dad – they know what they’re talking about…and stop rolling your eyes every time they say “You’ll understand when you’re a parent”. Turns out they know what they’re talking about, dumbass.
You’re not so bad.
You have great worth.
No one’s perfect, learn to love yourself for who you are. Oh, and only say things about people that you would be willing to say to their face.
In 10 years, none of this is going to matter.
Be who you are, and do it as well as you possibly can. Don’t try to be the best at everything. Be good at what you’re good at, and be happy you are good at it!
I would tell myself that I have a really happy life ahead, once I get through a bunch of sh*tty years.
Stand up for yourself and live your life for YOU.
Never spend more than you make.
Who gives a flying $%#* what people think of you!
Be more serious about education, and have a stable occupation before getting married.
Enjoy the moment in front of you, and spend less time thinking about the past or worrying about the future.
Don’t bother with the serious relationships until you’re a lot older. Trust me, parts of your brain aren’t fully developed yet, so wait on that picking a spouse thing.
Learn about computers…turns out they’re here to stay. Same goes for typing. That may have proved more useful than learning Latin.
Don’t worry so much. Things generally work out the way they’re supposed to.
Keep looking in the mirror – don’t blame anybody else for anything.
Learn how to train a puppy before having kids!
Don’t worry so much!
Don’t try, DO! Change is inevitable, growth in optional. Travel if you can to help realize how many opportunities we have in this country. If you can make a difference with someone who has had some misfortunes, then help them out. It will be good for you as well.
I would tell myself to warn my high school friend about alcoholism because her father was an alcoholic, and she followed in his footsteps. She passed away.
I don’t think my younger self would listen to anything I would try and tell her.
Don’t worry so much. They are wrong – high school is not the best time of your life. They are right – you actually will figure it out and it will all work out perfectly. Also, the “I don’t care hairdo” is easy, but you have to honestly not give a shit about it to get it just right.
You are enough. Better things await and don’t ever let them keep you down.
Always get to the toilet at the right time.
Risk more when you are young.
School is more important that you think, and your boyfriend/girlfriend is really not as important as you think.
What people think about you is none of your business. It’s a reflection of them, not of you.
Go to medical school.
Don’t drink OV!!! You will shit your pants.

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