Thursday, November 27, 2014

If you could ask God one question?

We all wake up every morning wanting to do the right thing – a crisp vision and renewed sense of focus for what it’s going to take to be a good person. Check that, a fucking STELLAR individual. But then we actually get out of bed. This is usually when things start to slide downhill for me. When faced with never-ending demands every day, then collapsing in a vibrating heap at the end of it, I find myself asking: “Is this it? Is this what it’s all about? And, am I doing it right?” It must be God that I’m asking, because no one else seems to be listening. They’re too busy asking. So to be honest, I struggled with this one – getting it down to just one question. If pressed, what would be the most important thing for me to know? Then it dawned on me that the question I’d ask wouldn’t be what mattered most to me…it would be the fact that He answered. Just knowing He was there FOR SURE would make me feel a whole lot better about a lot of things. Am I embarrassed to admit that? Yeah. My faith should be stronger than that. But I think the older I get, the more I seem to question things. Instead of feeling wiser, I seem to be getting more and more confused. Perhaps it’s the onset of brain rot from drinking too much vodka in my youth. At any rate, Doubting Thomas and I would have gotten along just fine.

Here forthwith are your responses to what you would ask God, if you had just one question.

I would ask if I was going to make the cut…otherwise, look out.
I believe that God lives in us, as us. As such, God lives within me, as me. So if He’s all-knowing, then why am I so confused some days?

Where did I put my car keys?

How’s my Dad? Can he see me?

I don’t believe in the whole one God thing per se, but if I did, the question I would ask is why is there so much hate in religion?

Am I on the right path to becoming the person I am meant to become?

Is heaven for real?

Are you real?

What do we gain from loss?

Why did you take her so young?

This question is way too deep for me today…I think I’ll save this one for me.

The duck-billed platypus…what was that all about?

When I die, can I come live with you?

Why do children get sick and leave us when they are far too young – how is that part of a plan?

Why didn’t you let me start my life with him from the start, instead of the middle?

Why isn’t there enough love to go around?

Am I fulfilling your plan for me?

Are you a man?

Tell me why I should believe…

Why did my sister have to die when her little boy was only 7 years old?

Honestly, do animals go to heaven?

Will I be able to be a spectator and watch the lives of my loved ones unfold?

I wouldn’t ask him anything.

What is the secret to curing cancer?

How did you come to exist?

Why is there suffering in the world while I seem to be so fortunate?

When will it all be good enough? For me, when I struggle, why is it always such a fight…with myself and with my soul.

Sometimes I wonder where he is, when I’m tired and I need help.

How do you experience true unconditional love?

Why did I turn away from you when I needed you most?

Are you disappointed in me?

My first thought is not a question but rather a request…tell him that I miss him.

Why do unfair things happen to children? Abuse, illness, bullying - all of it.

I’d be very tempted to ask for the expiry date of those I love, to make sure that when they depart they have no doubt about how I feel about them.

What’s the one thing I should change to allow me to have peace and contentment throughout my life?

Can you please forgive me for any hurt I have caused people in my life…and have them forgive me as well.

Why do some people suffer SO much?

What happened to the tooth fairy?

Will I make the cut?

What the @#$%?

Why did you create the earth if you knew beforehand that man would screw things up, some would reject you, and some would go the hell?

I’m going to skip this one.

I wouldn’t ask anything. Some things are just better left alone.

Am I getting it at least a little bit right?

Will you be there for me in my last moment?

Am I coming just for a quick visit, or for a full stay?

Why do you tolerate so much violence, pain and suffering in your name?

Why did you make so truly evil people?

Are you really out there somewhere?

What is my gift and how am I supposed to use it?

God, now that I’m grown up, what should I be?

Is Christopher Hitchens in heaven?

Will you explain it all to me once I’m in heaven? Please and thank you.

What is my purpose?

How many snakes would it take to go around the whole world?

Can you describe and send me a picture of where you live?

How long will I live?

Is there a purpose to life, or are we here for a short amount of time for no specific reason?

I don’t know if I would ask him a question…I think I would just say thank you.

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