Thursday, January 15, 2015

Flat Stanley has a French fry dink...

The night started off harmless enough. The kids were knocking back their Happy Meals, loading up on the nutrients. There was an undercurrent of excitement that the Happy Meal toys had been updated...when you eat there as much as we do, even the prettiest and most functional of toys lose their edge after multiple repeats.

The toy this week is an adorable little book, titled: "Flat Stanley Goes Camping", complete with a little cardboard character to be taken along on this amazing new adventure.

My ever vigilant 5-year daughter started punching along the perforated line on the pop-up Stanley that came with the book. Then very calmly she passed it over to me and stated:

"Look at this, Mommy...Flat Stanley has a French fry dink."

No concerns as to why Flat Stanley decided to yank his penis out to go, nothing of notable concern regarding that. No mention at all regarding his unabashed joy of getting all that fresh air before he goes camping. Rather, remarkable interest that his penis bore an uncanny resemblance to a French fry. Explaining that it was likely the seam over the zipper on his pants rather than his actual penis hanging out, proved a task too monumental for this Mommy.

Dear McDonald's,
Tell Flat Stanley to tuck his tackle in.
This kind of behaviour just isn't safe around a tent zipper.
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