Sunday, May 28, 2017

And then he turned 6...

Our little guy turns six-years old today...the one who insists I whisper in his ear every night that he's my favourite of all favourites. And I love doing that. My friend wrote this poem for him the week he was born, and I think it sums him up perfectly.

James Malcolm Sebastian MacLeod, Chosen by God, Ruler of Men, Revered One

You will follow first child of thunder,
second child of charm,
holding your parent's hands and hearts the longest.
Making your way, watching as the olders navigate
growing up and growing out.
Your adventures coloured by the younger's perspective,
family lore and story.
Birth order dictates you'll be wily and crafty,
a showman, a cuddler, sometimes the brat,
and well-loved for it.

We love you, Jimmy...more than words. xo

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fairy Garden...

Bringing your Mom out the door to show her how beautiful you made her front yard...only to see one of your children decided to take a piss right beside the fairy garden. #TheyCannotBeSaved

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