Monday, October 5, 2015

Just drink your boob...

James: "Mommy, if Safeways out of milk, then we can just drink your boob."
Jack: "Mom's boob doesn't do milk anymore."
Isla: "Then I guess we're all gonna die."

Is it too early for therapy sessions? Mostly for me.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jesus rose through the death...

Recently, a wonderful friend gave us a batch of her scrumptious home-made cookies this week. After promptly demolishing said batch, Isla asked me to make more. I was like, little dude, are you crazy? Mommy didn’t make these. Our friend gave these to us…why don’t you make her a nice thank you card? You know, keep the lines of communication open with the talent. After a while, I was handed this lovely token of appreciation.

I believe this is what one might call the ...early makings of a religious fundamentalist. All roads lead to Jesus…including the compilation of a thank you card complete with Easter eggs, a cookie, Christ on the cross, the requisite circling seagulls, and of course a stream of His blood.

The conversation went like this:
Me: Wow, Isla! This is so beautiful! And you even cut it out in a heart. So well done! Now what’s this in the middle?
Isla: That’s Jesus.
Me: Oh. OK. Nice to see Jesus making an appearance here on the thank you card. What’s he doing?
Isla: Write this, Mommy…write: “Jesus rose through the death at Easter.”
Me: Uhm, OK.
Isla: And tell her that this is his blood.
Me: OK. Uhm, Peanut…is this a little sad for a thank you card?
Isla: It’s OK, Mommy. He goes to heaven.
Me: OK, then. Should I write that? You know, just to keep it a bit happy?
Isla: No. Cause everyone knows that.
Me: Alrighty, then.
Isla: Do you love it, Mommy?
Me: I, uhm…what were you…why did you…you know what, Peanut? It’s pretty much perfect. I love it.
Isla: Do you think she’ll love it?
Janita: Love it? Honey, I can guarantee you it’ll be like no other card she’s ever received, and she’s gonna love it. And most importantly, JESUS loves it.

Catholicism. Not only deep and rich in history, but bountiful in the production of fond, childhood memories.
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