Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let me choke you 'til you tap out...

Simultaneous discussions overheard a few days ago in our household:

Jack: Hey James, let's choke each other until one of us taps out.
Me: That may be the dumbest idea I've heard all week. And James, why are you screaming hello kitty?

*insert choking each other*...

: Seriously. Stop that. Go learn how to play the guitar or something.
Me: Isla, what do you want as a PIN for your bank card? 4 numbers.
Isla: Gabby
Me: Four. NUMBERS...
Isla: Gabby

I suspect that the choking and tapping out game has been going on for a while, depleting oxygen supply to their brains. I've been oblivious to the clues, including this notebook of Isla's from last year that I just found. I appreciate her clarity and strong declaration of feelings regarding sentence construction: "I quit", with a big old "pirid" to make her point clear.

How cute is that little backward "s" in her name, though?
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