Friday, November 11, 2016

We remember you...

A year ago today, we laid our hero to rest.

It was a morning just like this...beautiful sky, warm sun, the smell of a promise in the air. And a frost that left us a beautiful photo of what we believed to be his final masterpiece, as it appeared to be a field of wheat etched in the glass.

We remember all that you gave us Dad,
all that you were,
may we continue to honour you.

Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen, RIP
Everybody knows the dice are loaded,
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed,
Everybody knows the war is over,
Everybody knows the good guys lost,
Everybody knows the fight is fixed,
The poor stay poor and the rich get rich,
That's how it goes,
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the boat is sinking,
Everybody knows the captain lied,
Everybody's got this broken feeling,
That their Father or their dog just died,
Everybody's hands are in their pockets,
Everybody wants a box of chocolates,
And a long stem rose,
Everybody knows.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

May we honour them...

I often hear people say: "Kids can be so mean". Guess what? As Denis Leary once wisely stated: “Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list.”

Think about that for a moment - the rest we teach them. It's time we all look within, and around us, to find the good. And then radiate that good for all we're fucking worth. This Remembrance Day, let's remind ourselves and our children what real heroes look like...those who gave everyt...hing to do what's right, the ones who protected those who needed protection, those who cut through all the bullshit and saw the beautiful souls of fellow human beings who needed someone to have their back, and those who gave everything for us to have the privilege of freedom. Lest we forget that with that privilege comes great responsibility to defend all those who need defending, to rise above any inherent bigotries we may have - to not tolerate it within ourselves, or from others. In our quest for peace and for sanity, it's easy to say: "Don't panic...everything will be alright." This does NOT translate into standing for everything. Because if you do, I guarantee the day will come when you stand for nothing.

And if we were able to hear from those who laid down their lives for their families, their friends, their country - for every single one of us who would come after them - I pray we'd hear them whisper: "Yes. It was worth it."

Monday, November 7, 2016

Italian cooking class...

This past weekend, me and my best gal went to an Italian cooking class today at Schoolhaus Culinary Arts. It was their very first class for kids - a "bring your own adult to class" day. I almost fainted when I was handed the sheet(s) outlining what we were going to make. The thing was thicker than my annual cookbook. I would rate it as ambitious, if not a touch ballsy. I limped my way through it, and dare say we had lots of fun doing it! I highly recommend it. We got to make caprese panzanella, butternut squash ravioli, chicken ragu with fettuccine, and chocolate banana cannoli.

Full disclosure: had I not been paired with someone who was competent at the dough and noodle making, I'd still be there trying to figure out how to work that fucking machine. Hey, I'm a Belgian. We deep-fry everything with minimal prep. And by minimal prep, I mean just about anything can be tossed into a deep-fryer as is, and eaten with reckless abandon. Even socks likely, with the right amount of mayo.

God bless the Italians. That's a shit ton of work.  

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