Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dances with Wolves...

This newspaper clipping has been on our fridge for makes me laugh every time I see it. Likely because for the most part, we raise our kids as wolves too.

For the record, our friends often have the same horrified expression when visiting our home.

I was just downloading some videos to our computer, when I came across this one. If I recall, I had whipped out the video camera last winter to get a clip of James sitting at the island eating with the big guys...he was so proud to be up there like a big boy, not sitting in a high chair like a baby, as his brother loves to tell him.

What started off as cute and sweet, veered (quite rapidly) into bush wolf territory, as Dances with Wolves morphed into Dancing with Butter Knifes. I leave you with the clip.

Disclaimer: Many apologies for the sound you're about to hear. For some reason, I decide to randomly sing throughout the entire video, and it's magnificently awful. In hindsight, right around the 1:48 minute mark, when Jack says "Ready for my knife show?" I likely should have asked him what the hell he was talking about. We don't make a habit out of allowing our little wolves to play with knifes. I simply wasn't paying attention. After watching his performance, though, I wonder who's to blame (or credit) for his wicked dance moves. Those may land him in some serious trouble one day. We dance a lot in this house, but I'd still be on bed-rest if I tried pulling off what he did.

More importantly, how in the actual fuck can I have heard the song Rasputin approximately 1,247 times in my life now, and still not know the words? Again, I think the answer lies with vodka.

Oh, those Russians.


Hillary said...

dying of laughter!
between the peach eating. singing. knife dancing.
seriously can i come live with you?
thanks for the laughs to kick start my week

Wynter said...

Oh my word! I love every wee part of this. Isla placing the peaches on the counter with her hand, then stabbing them with a fork, James trying to say fork, and that Dance...all his daycare "shows" could have something to with this! You should see when he dances to Katy Perry's firework-he's usually te firework that "shoots across the sky, sky, sky!"

Jenny V said...

I can't get over how grown up your little ones look now! I have to tell you that Sam watched the knife dance with me and immediately went to the utensil drawer and then proceeded to put on his own butter knife extravaganza. It was pretty awesome...we're a couple of luck gals, don't you think? :)

Hope you're well...I think of you often. Xo Jenny V

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