Monday, November 7, 2016

Italian cooking class...

This past weekend, me and my best gal went to an Italian cooking class today at Schoolhaus Culinary Arts. It was their very first class for kids - a "bring your own adult to class" day. I almost fainted when I was handed the sheet(s) outlining what we were going to make. The thing was thicker than my annual cookbook. I would rate it as ambitious, if not a touch ballsy. I limped my way through it, and dare say we had lots of fun doing it! I highly recommend it. We got to make caprese panzanella, butternut squash ravioli, chicken ragu with fettuccine, and chocolate banana cannoli.

Full disclosure: had I not been paired with someone who was competent at the dough and noodle making, I'd still be there trying to figure out how to work that fucking machine. Hey, I'm a Belgian. We deep-fry everything with minimal prep. And by minimal prep, I mean just about anything can be tossed into a deep-fryer as is, and eaten with reckless abandon. Even socks likely, with the right amount of mayo.

God bless the Italians. That's a shit ton of work.  

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