Friday, November 11, 2016

We remember you...

A year ago today, we laid our hero to rest.

It was a morning just like this...beautiful sky, warm sun, the smell of a promise in the air. And a frost that left us a beautiful photo of what we believed to be his final masterpiece, as it appeared to be a field of wheat etched in the glass.

We remember all that you gave us Dad,
all that you were,
may we continue to honour you.

Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen, RIP
Everybody knows the dice are loaded,
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed,
Everybody knows the war is over,
Everybody knows the good guys lost,
Everybody knows the fight is fixed,
The poor stay poor and the rich get rich,
That's how it goes,
Everybody knows.
Everybody knows that the boat is sinking,
Everybody knows the captain lied,
Everybody's got this broken feeling,
That their Father or their dog just died,
Everybody's hands are in their pockets,
Everybody wants a box of chocolates,
And a long stem rose,
Everybody knows.

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