Thursday, October 12, 2017

Always take sides...

I always tell myself and my children to be more kind than necessary. I also tell them not to be a dick, which is really the same thing. Decide which side of the fence you want to live on, and let that be your guide. From the time we were children, if you watched someone being bullied, and did nothing, did that make you a bully? Perhaps not. After all, you weren't the one being the asshole. But I think by saying nothing, and doing nothing, it still puts you on the wrong side of the fence. Because in saying nothing, you say everything. In saying or doing nothing, it becomes a reflection of what you stand for and allow to happen to those who need help. Being kind does not let you off the hook from picking a side.

As an aside, I received this hand-written apology note from my 7-year old daughter. I think my lessons are starting to sink in. I also particularly enjoy her final parting shot to me, which she appeared to erase prior to delivery. #SorryForYouBeingADick

Well played, sweetheart...well played.

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