Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Precious moments...

Today on my birthday, I got to spend the day with the two lovely people who brought me into this world many moons ago. Here are a few excerpts from the conversations held today:

Me: Dad, do you remember me being born 41 years ago today?
Dad: No.
Me: Oh....
Mom: I remember crying...
Me: Awe! So sweet.
Mom: Crying on the toilet when I found out I was pregnant with you...or was that with Joanne? I think I cried both times.
Me: So, so, sweet.
Mom: Crying because I was depressed I was pregnant again.
Me: Wow.This is too beautiful. Please hold any further thoughts, just for a second, while I record this in my Precious Moments journal.

Here's a photo that Mom took of Dad and I when I was blowing out my candles. It's definitely a keeper. ‪#‎over40nofilterrequiredblurryasfuck

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