Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Boarding school postponed...

Just when we thought perhaps we had to ship him off to boarding school, I find this when sorting through Jack's school stuff from Grade 4 last year.

"And please help my grandma because grandpa past away."

"When my mom's dad died I understood what she was
going through because he's my grandpa."

Truly, he melted my heart. For us Catholics, lent starts tomorrow. (For you non-Catholics, it's just yet another form of torture, pardon me, rite of passage for our faith. Nothing to see here, other than weeping and the gnashing of teeth. Move along.) I'm thinking I'll start my very own virtue reflections journal for Lent, because there are a few things I need to work on. Ok, a lot of things. Although if my husband is careless enough to drop a $20, let's be clear that I will not be giving it back. It is not respectful to show a Scotsman that he's lost money.

And in other news, if "Jamal" were to have $100, apparently he would buy a hockey stick and a orange and black car. Not entirely certain if the orange signifies the fruit variety, or if the car itself would be orange AND black. Horrifying either way...

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