Saturday, April 15, 2017

Lessons learned from mom...

Lessons learned today from my mom, brought to you by the school of hard knocks:
  1. Are your lips dry? Here, use this. What exactly did you just put on my lips, mom? Baby butt    cream. Nothing works better than this.
  2. Do we have enough Baby Duck for tomorrow? Jesus, mom. Would weep some more.  
  3. "That's how you sit to take a poop in the ditch." (insert me not even wanting to know who is at the door)
  4. Quickly go grab the rake and hit that snake over the head with it!!! (insert me wanting to die this weekend, alongside our Lord Jesus)

Followed by some bonding time, with Isla showing Grandma something on the iPad...and me praying to our Lord Jesus that it's not Grand Theft Auto.

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